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Project Description

Giggling Wild Flower


Oil on canvas

20 x 16

Private collection

Soul Notes

While doing a painting residency in Chesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, I often looked out my window, past the river and up the hill. One morning my longing to see the view from the top drew me from my easel, out the door.

I put on walking shoes and took off down the cobblestone street, over the river, past the tile roofed houses and up through the open fields. As I hiked along, I noticed small, delicate wild flowers nestled among the lush green grasses. I picked one and slipped it into my shirt pocket for a free ride up and to share the view from the top.

When I returned, I propped the little flower up in a cup of water. She seemed to giggle and laugh with delight as I set up a fresh canvas and began painting her portrait.

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